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Custom Products

We provide quality pallets and other products as well as Heat Treating at competitive pricing with prompt and professional service. Just tell us the size and quantity and we will take care of all your pallet needs or problems from there.



Custom Sawing

We have a Wood-Mizer Multi-4 head Re-saw as well as a HR130 single re-saw that allows us the ability to produce a wide range of custom sawing whether it is our material or yours. We are proud of our relationship with Wood-Mizer and their products as well as their on-going service solutions.



Heat Treatment

Our onsite custom heat treat chamber is designed by Nova Kiln for thermal pest eradication of wood pallets and other lumber products we offer. Heat is circulated throughout the chamber to raise the core temperature to 140 degrees for 35 minutes on these products to eliminate pest infestation and other common insects.


Wheeler Pallets

hebronhardwoodswebWheeler Mission Pallets & Industry is a program business created specifically to support Wheeler Mission Ministries’ Hebron Addictions Recovery Program at Camp Hunt. Men in recovery spend part of each day developing a positive work ethic, while creating revenue to partially offset the costs of running the program.   Our goal is full reintegration as a productive member of society, living a life pleasing to God and supporting one’s family.

We are located just north of Bloomington, IN. and are part of Wheeler Mission Ministries in Indianapolis, IN. We produce pallets, cut stock, perform custom sawing and also sell firewood, sawdust and mulch.

Our company is unique in that our primary product is really changed lives!  Along the way, we produce spec and custom pallets for such companies as Capital Adhesives, Axstrom, E-Pallet,  and more!  Utilizing a work force that others might not think capable, we meet deadlines and produce products that achieve demanding specifications, while restoring men to health and wholeness through the power of Jesus Christ.  As men work, they help provide a place for future generations of men lost in addiction to come to.

IHLA Member


Wheeler Mission Pallets & Industry is a member Indiana Hardwood Lumberman's Association


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