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Custom Products

We provide quality pallets and other products as well as Heat Treating at competitive pricing with prompt and professional service. Just tell us the size and quantity and we will take care of all your pallet needs or problems from there.



Custom Sawing

We have a Wood-Mizer Multi-4 head Re-saw as well as a HR130 single re-saw that allows us the ability to produce a wide range of custom sawing whether it is our material or yours. We are proud of our relationship with Wood-Mizer and their products as well as their on-going service solutions.



Heat Treatment

Our onsite custom heat treat chamber is designed by Nova Kiln for thermal pest eradication of wood pallets and other lumber products we offer. Heat is circulated throughout the chamber to raise the core temperature to 140 degrees for 35 minutes on these products to eliminate pest infestation and other common insects.


Training Center at Camp Hunt

Hebron Addictions Recovery

The word Hebron itself means fellowship or community. The book of Joshua records for us that, in Old Testament days, there were to be Cities of Refuge. Someone who had killed a person unintentionally could go to a city of refuge, and stay there without fear of of retribution. Hebron was once such city. The "manslayer" would stay there until the death of the sitting high priest, and then could safely return home. Today, Jesus is the high priest who died for us, so that we--the innocent and the guilty--can return safely home.


Wheeler Mission Ministries Hebron Addictions Recovery program at Camp Hunt is a long-term, residential program in a remote setting, about 50 miles South of Indianapolis and is situated on 285 acres just North of Bloomington Indiana, bordering the Morgan Monroe State Forest. It is dedicated to the spiritual rehabilitation of men in alcohol and drug addiction and their families. We do this by ministering to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the addicted person. Our program is based on the premise of giving a man an organized opportunity to begin helping himself. We provide him with an atmosphere conducive to achieving the goal of developing a life-changing relationship with God.

House Of Prayer

Hebron is a demanding, intense, program. Each participant makes a twelve (12) month commitment to Hebron. National studies have shown that addicts completing a year long treatment program have a 75% chance of recovery.

We make no apologies for the fact that we believe the Christian approach to addiction recovery produces the most meaningful, effective, and enduring results. God changes people, and He can change you if you are willing to be changed.

IHLA Member


Wheeler Mission Pallets & Industry is a member Indiana Hardwood Lumberman's Association


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